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Trekking in Nepal

Why do most backpackers prefer Trekking in Nepal? Himalaya Hikes is that enlightening guide…we show you what the Himalayan wilderness actually is…

Nepal is without a doubt one of the most fascinating countries in the world, blessed with an incredible variety of landscapes and a friendly, laid-back population. From the highest points on Earth to the jungle lowlands in the steamy eastern belt of Nepal, it has attracted travellers and trekkers from around the globe. The Himalayas are certainly the natural habitat for any born trekker. This mighty range is crowned at 8848m by Mount Everest, the highest and possibly greatest mountain on Earth. Its jagged peak is a magnificent sight at any angle, whether soaring above Everest Base camp or the goal of an expedition team to the North col ascent.

One word clouds the mind when it comes to Nepal: Himalaya. This majestic mountainous kingdom sits high on the spine of the World’s most famous mountain range. Nerve tingling scenery, a multifaceted culture and some of the best walking trails in the world all contrive to make Nepal a real Shangri-La for the fearless adventure traveller. Nepal is the adventure travel centre of Southern Asia; we can arguably say the whole of Asia…

Trekking is for anyone who relishes walking amongst nature. Adventure seekers around the world prefer trekking in Nepal because it’s a scenic walk along mountain trails taking in all the sights and sounds of a himalayan kingdom. It does not require you to cling to sheer cliff walls with the mountain goats. You do not need to be a "super fit being". You only need the spirit for adventure. Many trekkers prefer to take a guide and a porter to enhance the enjoyment of their trip.

A typical trek-day starts around 6 a.m. with a cup of tea/coffee. After packing your duffel bag and daypack, breakfast will be served. The day's trek starts around 7.30 a.m. Porters carry all luggage and equipment. All you need to carry in your daypack are personal items like a water bottle, rain/wind jacket, camera and any other small items you may need on the trail.

The morning's walk to the lunch spot takes about three hours. Around mid-day we usually stop for a simple hot meal at a teahouse. After a three to four hour afternoon hike we reach the hotel. In the late afternoon and evening you can relax, wash, read or take a walk in the nearby woods. The evening meal is served between 6 to 8 p.m. After dinner, the guide generally briefs members on the program of the following day.

On beaten trails or virgin tracks, Nepal is a trekker's heaven. The organic rhythm of foot travel is a wonderful way to discover and make significant contact with the country. Trekking in the himalayas usually consists of a series of ascents and descents walking 5 to 7 hours (9 to 14 km per day on average} with a guide, cook and porters.

Trekkers rely on local staff for path finding and an introduction to the local people, culture, religion, and lifestyle. What makes Trekking in Nepal even more special is because the route will often pass through forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, and hemlock, visiting one or two villages each day. Rivers are crossed on log passages or airy suspension bridges. The Himalayas of Nepal are considered to be the most popular trekking regions anywhere in the world. It’s not unusual to cross snowfields in the morning and bathe in sub-tropical streams in the afternoon while in Nepal. For the most part, trekking routes are well traveled by local folks, but don’t have sign posts to guide you along the way…

Trekking in Nepal is not just a particular destination, but the journey itself. You travel at a modest pace, observing nature, countryside communities, and magnificent mountain panoramas, some of which are the best on the planet. You get a sense of achievement while trekking in Nepal where experiences learnt prepare you for the nasty concrete jungle you’ve come from; making life so much more worth living.

At Himalaya Hikes… it is our job to ensure your comfort and safety as we take you where you want to go, at your own pace. We show you what you have come to see, and help you discover things you had no idea ever existed there before! We guide you with care, ensuring that your sojourns help you discover the unknown from the known, giving you wonderful surprises as the trail turns the corner, building into holidays that only dreams are made off. Trekking in Nepal is worth its weight in gold. Just pack your haversack, get on your trekking boots, make sure your favorite needs are all packed in…and jet down to Nepal…start planning now!!!

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